70th anniversary of "ŚLĄSK"

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  The "ŚLĄSK" Song and Dance Ensemble was founded on 1 July 1953. It owes its exceptional nature to its founder and initiator, Stanisław Hadyna, a Silesian composer and literary scholar.

   The Ensemble is named after the Silesia region ("Śląsk" in Polish), and the name of its founder to commemorate his undeniable contribution to the greatness of "ŚLASK" and the acclaimed position it has earned over the years. Accompanying Stanisław Hadyna, Elwira Kamińska co-shaped the Ensemble's artistic development for many years as the ballet master, choreographer and artistic director. Together, they established principles and set high artistic standards that ensured the distinction and originality of one of the greatest artistic ensembles in the world, tapping into the richness of national dance, song and customs. For decades, the Ensemble strived for perfection and mastery.

   Today, it is a cultural institution with great executive capabilities, performing around 120 concerts a year.

   Nearly 300 people belong to "ŚLĄSK", over 100 of whom are the artists who make up the choir, ballet, and orchestra. This great Ambassador of Polish Culture has performed over 10 thousand times for more than 27 million viewers in 45 countries spanning five continents. Its repertoire constitutes an enormous treasury of Polish culture, from which the Ensemble has drawn inspiration for nearly seven decades. It also prides itself on other accomplishments, having released 11 albums in the "ŚLĄSK" Golden Collection, five Gold albums, one Platinum album.

  "ŚLĄSK" has just recently won the Polish "Fryderyk" Music Award, one of the most prestigious award presented by the Phonographic Academy which by now consists of nearly 1000 artists, journalists and music industry professionals.

  Thanks to its artistic standards, the Ensemble is internationally recognised, as confirmed by numerous awards and honorary mentions.

  Stanisław Hadyna's "ŚLĄSK" Song and Dance Ensemble is a cultural institution that covers a broad spectrum of activities, cultivates the traditions of its national heritage, and promotes Polish folk art and national creativity. Its rich offer contains gala concerts, vocal and instrumental concerts, educational programmes, as well as occasional concerts.

  The quintessence of the Ensemble's artistic activity is the gala concerts performed by the group which are characterised by the liveliness, expression and professionalism of the Ensemble's artistic composition, featuring over 100 performers in the choir, ballet and orchestra.

  The dynamic nature of gala concerts and their colourful stage costumes create a spectacle that takes the audience on a journey to the world of picturesque folk culture.

  Stanisław Hadyna's "ŚLĄSK" Song and Dance Ensemble has created a wide array of programmes involving a choir and orchestra. Its rich repertoire contains many religious songs, classical music concerts as well as patriotic programmes accompanying national celebrations to give them an unforgettable character,

   Since May 2017, the "ŚLĄSK" Ensemble has been the Cultural Institution of the Government of the Silesian Voivodeship co-managed by the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage. The headquarters of the Ensemble is the historic Palace and Park Complex in Koszęcin, one of the largest palace complexes of the period of neoclassicism in Poland, entered in the register of historic monuments.